A little of everything. Insta-update.

Cheater post! Twitter and/or Instagram followers will recognize most of these, but  the charming commentary is all new… a little catch up on what I’ve been up to so far since arriving in Texas. Instagram style.

At the end of the last Insta-update, we’d made our way from closing on our new house (and the old one, for that matter) and made the long trek south, moved in and started settling. Let’s pick back that ball back up… there was much enjoying of the pool by Mr. Bug. At that point (early May) I still thought the (unheated) pool was MUCH too cold for swimming, much less night swimming. Lucy, the most water-hating-hound in the universe, was initially quite concerned over us humans submersing ourselves in water. Here she’s running perimeter as Mr. Bug endangers his existence.

Soon after that we finished setting up the sewing room. Unreasonably paranoid about scratching our brand new hardwood floors, we made our way through the perilous Dallas construction to Pottery Barn and nabbed ourselves an 8×10 sea grass rug. Lucy was not helpful with this process.

Disgusted with the hound, I started the search for a replacement hound. Dallas is teeming with antique shops. I found a perfect replacement, but at $450, she was $150 more than Lucy was as a puppy. I reluctantly walked away.

Lucy and I got into the routine of working from home. I like it. A lot. She spends her mornings impersonating a bearskin rug in my office, before tucking in on the sofa for some serious afternoon sleeps.

I finally steeled myself up to test the pool. I got a sunburn. Of course. And the water was warm. My favorite method of swimming is to bob around on a raft. Mr. Bug  enjoys playing shark while I raft, coming up from below and inevitably causing me to capsize.

Lucy, alas, has not warmed up to the pool. Not. One. Bit.

She does, however, love hanging out on the porch.

Towards the end of May we finally found a nice replacement car for my Subaru Outback that we sold in Minnesota. The Rav4 has settled nicely into the household and even has leather seats to repel hound fur and slobber. Buying used totally rules. Like we would have paid for leather seats in a new car…

Exhausted by the constant craigslisting that led up to the car purchase, Dan fell asleep on the sofa with his sidekick.

Not content with owning just one home in Texas, Dan decided to invest in a second property. It’s relatively close to the big house and we’re considering opening it up as a rental.

When we moved to Texas, we opted to get cable (we dropped Comcast a few years ago in favor of local programming and streaming Netflix.) I’ve pretty much had NCIS, Criminal Minds or HGTV on constantly since we moved in.

There’s been plenty of garage sale-ing. I’ll leave it to you all to guess which of the following we bought – freeze dried turkey or old, industrial spools???

My pathetic hound incurred a mystery wound to her paw and we made our first visit to a Texas vet. The place we went was SUPER FANCY. Lucy had to get a cone. I must have a black heart. I laughed. And laughed and laughed.

We’ve had some great craigslist scores in Dallas! First was a complete dining set – a 40×80 oval table, 4 regular chairs and 2 captains chairs – for $200! We’ve dubbed the formal living room as the ‘poker room’ and are looking for manly, game-room type furnishings appropriate for poker playing, but able to double as a dining room if necessary. This set is a perfect amount of rustic, Texas style for Dan, but formal enough to not drive me nuts. Those red seat covers’ days are limited, though. A bit TOO wild west saloon for me! Ah, the eternal question… is there a slip cover manly enough for a game room?

This was my favorite recent score – a pub sign that’s 55″ wide! For $80! The woman I bought it from got it from an antique shop in Dallas and had just run out of wall space due to her husband’s expanding collection of sports memorabilia. The sign came from the UK from a pub called, what else? The Greyhound. Wards is a now defunct brewery. This is, of course, for the poker room and Mr. Bug loves it. I have to admit to a bit of residual guilt re. indirect support of dog exploitation. We might have to adopt a retired doggie racer as a form of cosmic dog cruelty offsetting. Take that Al Gore.

Being a naturally suspicious sort, I went to check out the shop that the sign came from. I gotta admit, I was expecting a cheap, knock off import place along the lines of Cost Plus World Market. What I found was a very nice antique shop (The Uncommon Market, for anyone who’s familiar!) I didn’t find any knockoffs, but I DID find a room packed full of antique books. Can I move in, please?

Last weekend was the kick off to drum corp season. This is a very big deal in our house, and we headed out to an exhibition in nearby Southlake. Here, Mr. Bug ignores the long awaited drummies to pursue his new obsession: doing anything on his new iPhone.

Even though we’ve been super busy, this is generally how the evenings end up. Sacked out in front of the TV. Even Lucy’s gotten into the act!

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  • Marnie Byod
    June 25, 2012

    Great updates! Those seats on your dining sets are awesome and I love the way it was arrange and sounds like Lucy is having a great time.
    Marnie Byod recently posted..view real estate websiteMy Profile

  • Ellen
    June 20, 2012

    So glad you found the Uncommon Market! The owners happen to be my uncles so I’m very familiar!

    • Patty The Snug Bug
      June 20, 2012

      HOLY COW ARE YOU SERIOUS?? You are the luckiest niece in the history of nieces. Of course, I’m odd, but just rifling through the warehouse part could keep me going for a full day!

      ….so does this mean you make trips to Dallas??? Meet up sometime??

      Patty The Snug Bug recently posted..A little of everything. Insta-update.My Profile

  • Lori
    June 20, 2012

    I am enjoying your posts from Texas. I am also anxiously awaiting your return to sewing dresses. Your sewing is what inspired me to sew for myself. I wore my orange dress yesterday and received so many compliments on it! It immediately brought me back to taking the class with you at Sewtropolis. I had so much fun. Currently I am sewing for my first grandchild who is due in October! I am working on a quilt for him currently, yes it’s a him so no dresses for this little guy. Love you home and the pool wow! That would’ve been great these past few days in Wis hot and steamy!
    Faithful Blog follower and sewing/fabric addict,

  • Gaidig
    June 20, 2012

    Recovering seats like those on your dining set is way easier than making a slipcover (and most likely easier than finding a good ready-made fit for unusual chairs). Generally, it’s just a matter of wrapping the cushion and stapling in place, depending on if the cushions are removable or not. It’s the only kind of reupholstery I’ve done, because it’s so easy.
    Gaidig recently posted..Cocktail Wednesdays: Victory CocktailMy Profile

    • Patty The Snug Bug
      June 20, 2012

      I know, I know… I already checked it out and i have the easy-to-recover kind, I just like the idea of slipcovers! What do you think of using suit-weight wool to reupholster, though? I think I have enough for all the chairs in the PERFECT color, but I’m not sure if it’s tough enough!
      Patty The Snug Bug recently posted..A little of everything. Insta-update.My Profile

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