weekly roundup: what I wore, a special delivery and best of the googles!

Happy weekend, dear manatees! Let’s just jump in and get the what I wore stuff out of the way, shall we?



Top row: last Saturday through Monday… I hope you all REALLY like my gardening outfit in the center!

Second row: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: it got cold again, can you tell?

Left: What I wore today!

When I kicked off the new (and improved?) snugbug365 at the beginning of the month, I wasn’t sure how long I’d stick to the daily regimen! I’ve found that I’ve really enjoy it and I’ve stuck with it pretty faithfully – although a couple of shots are ‘staged’ the day after due to bad planning! I’m still trying to decide if I’ll continue into May. I think I probably will – and then most of us will be style blogging during Me-Made-June, right?

Let’s continue with the week’s recap….


Look what came in the mail today!

My wrist pincushion from A Fashionable Stitch!! Of course, I wear my wrist cushions on my hand – it’s easier to slide off and on and to ‘point’ the cushion towards the stabbing pins… It’s very well made, the strap is excellent and the metal base is brilliant! Here it is, hanging out with my already-in-residence pincushion that I made a few months ago and my little red toy sewing machine. Don’t they all look like a happy family??

Don’t forget – Sunni’s holding a sale this weekend in the shop! Go and get your very own hand pincushion!

Now – three cool things I found on the googles this week…

The Golden Ratio

[image 3 hours past the edge of the world]

I was pleasantly blown away by this mix of science and design. I think I unconsciously like to use the golden ratio when I put together new garments and outfits, but I don’t really know why I like it. I’m the same with color schemes (complimentary, split complimentary, triadic, etc…) This post gave me a lot to think about…

What do you do with YOUR vintage button collection??


[image Rich Inner Life]

Gina, author of the blog Rich Inner Life posted this recycled Friday project – the button cuff is not attached to the sweater – and I thought that a bit of my vintage lace + some of my treasured buttons could make for a cute cuff for me!

Proper young ladies work on their needlework…Daisychain3

[image Posie Gets Cozy]

Egad manatees! I LOVE this sampler – and guess what? You can order the kit to make your very own! Side note: my top three list is uber-crafty this week, isn’t it? I’m a busy girl and most of my ‘hobby’ time is split between sewing and gardening. And reading, although I classify reading along with breathing and eating, not as a hobby… Anyway, I’ve done a lot of needlework in my day and I have a thing for the old fashioned sampler. The thought of stitching up this charming alphabet with nice strands of wool, well, sigh. It’s available for pre-order now! And there’s probably enough time to get it done in time for Christmas, if you (like me) love working on stitchery but don’t really like having the finished product around the house… And yeah. I said it. I invoked the C-word. In April. If you order it, let me know! I think I’ll probably end up placing an order. Just what I need, another project…

That’s it for the week! Have a great weekend… I’ll be test driving a pattern, working, finishing a dress and playing tennis ball with one land-locked manatee with floppy ears and soulful eyes…

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  • guava62
    May 1, 2011

    Hi Patty – love you in the greens … so Springy :)
    You said you read a lot ….
    would you share some of your favourites in a blog posting ?

    Love your style, Hugs Aileen in nova Scotia

  • Faye Lewis
    April 30, 2011

    You are truly one snazzy dresser!

  • KC
    April 30, 2011

    I just love your style!

  • Misfits Vintage
    April 30, 2011

    I ADORE your floral skirt with cardi – you look so pretty! And I also adore that sampler – what a gorgeous idea.

    Sarah xxx

  • bes53913
    April 30, 2011

    Patty, thank you so much for posting the alphabet sampler – LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Just to let you know, I posted it on my blog also with a link back to you. Hope you're having a great day! http://bes53seesaw.blogspot.com/2011/04/its-elementary-my-dear-watson.html

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