Taking the pledge again!

Here’s my pledge taken directly from BOTH comments on So ‘Zo…

I, Patty of Patty the Snug Bug, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-March ’11. I endeavor to wear one handmade piece of clothing each day when the temperature’s under 40F and ALL handmade when the temps over 40F for the duration of March 2011

Darn! I forgot! Addendum to the pledge – refashioned items count too!

Harumph. I need two tries for EVERYTHING! And I just realized I left out knits. I will inevitably wear RTW cardigans, no matter what the temperature. Ah well.

I’m sure most readers know all about Me Made March, Self Stitched September and such… for those who don’t, check out Zoe’s site – I did it last September and it was super fun and I felt curiously bereft on October 1st. Except that Halloween was coming up! To celebrate fond memories here are all my Self Stitched September posts… and here’s my wrap-up picture! Now go forth and sign up… you’ll be glad you did!

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  • [patty the snug bug]
    February 25, 2011

    of course a temperature criteria! It's 22 degrees here and the evil weathermen keep saying no change for weeks… most of my handmade wardrobe is dresses and skirts – too cold for ALL handmade in the foreseeable future!

  • Joy
    February 25, 2011

    A temperature criteria? Hilarious.

    I'll probably bow out this time, but hopefully she'll do a Me Made May again. Good impetus to add a little summery variety. Well, "summery" could be a bit of an exaggeration in May.

  • Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood
    February 24, 2011


  • Marina v.K.
    February 24, 2011

    Love your timeline!!! "28… I just didn't wear anything today" :-)) I have also signed up for the MMM, but it's my first time – I am sure it will be fun! Good luck, Marina

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