Shopping my stash for skirts

Top ‘o the morning to you, you rabid wild boars! I have a confession to make. Two confessions. First, I don’t know what boars look like. I imagine pigs, but with saber teeth and brown curly fur. Am I right? Second: I can’t STAND the phrase shopping my stash/shop my closet. Ugh. Also I hate the phrase easy peasy.

I feel so much better now that I got that off my chest! Light and free!

OK, after yesterday’s post wherein I posted every item of clothing I own I was super-happy to stare and start identifying things I think I need – mainly tops and skirts/trousers that are not hot pink. Not that there won’t be lots of hot pink sewing happening in the near future.

Tonight I started combing through my fabric and pattern stash and pulling things that might work for the fall. Ideally I won’t buy much fabric for sewing this season! First I lugged my computer down to my sewing nook so I could keep referencing my fall color inspiration board. Remember?

Ah! So much fun stuff! As I said, first I pulled fabrics in the general color scheme and sorted into piles. The piles were loosely: enough of a knit for a dress, only enough knit for a shirt, lightweight blouse wovens, Enough woven for a dress, only enough for a skirt and suit-weight wovens. It was super scientific. I even whipped up a lab coat for myself out of my never-ending stash of white denim.

Once I had the fabrics pulled I pawed through my patterns and pulled things that appealed to me. Even though a lot of my inspiration board is a bit more 70′s/80′s inspired, I wasn’t really feeling that tonight. Instead I went for basics. Perhaps there is still a pair of palazzo pants in my near future, but not yet, sweet boars.

By the way – do you SEE that I have yellow and white gingham INTERLOCK! Awesome, right? Sigh. I already refiled it. I wasn’t feeling the cheery yellow all that much… but look! A box of patterns!

The next step involved matching patterns and fabrics and refiling some of my fabric choices. I took pictures, but I will spare you – the lighting in the basement at night is not so beautiful. Everything is ORANGE!! I did, however, make some progress on pulling some nice wool and other fun things for the making of skirts and two jackets. The jackets may be a pipe dream. SO much fitting. And sewing. We’ll see. Here’s the fabric I pulled for the skirts’n'jackets. I took super close-ups because I [heart] my macro setting.

{first up: around five yards of a lovely grey wool suiting. Really, it’s grey. Trust me.}


{next! wool houndstooth plaid - it's creamy white and black. In real life.}

{My highly prized 3 yards of grey and white polka dotted cotton}

{also purple and grey poly suiting}

{gold boucle and creamy chiffon}

{finally a very textured and ravelly cream poly suiting}

Honestly, boar-friends. Do all those pictures look pink to you?? I really hate bad artificial lighting!!

So what will I do with these wonderful fabrics, you ask? Well! Here’s what I’m thinking… again, in the same order, we’ll start out with that grey wool. There’s enough for a whole suit, so if I have the time, inclination and need I’d love to do a skirt and jacket combo. I was considering a super-cute jacket with a peplum, but that’s a bit on the fancy side, so I thought this jacket with the fitted style might work better – I paired it with a pencil skirt. Don’t they look lovely?

{Butterick 5147}

{Hot Patterns 1011}

Next was that funky houndstooth plaid – which, if memory serves, I got for a dollar a yard at Hancock. Sometimes Hancock has great wool in their value section! For this I was thinking that it’d be fun to do the Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Flippy skirt. I’ve made that once before and never wore it so I have it to a friend, but I sort of miss it. This time, I’ll add a waistband.

{Hot Patterns 1063}

Now for the circle skirts! I think circle skirts are nice and cozy, and in some darker colors they will work well with leggings and boots. I hate being cold!

{self drafted, based on Kwik Sew 3637}

I was thinking that the grey polka dots and the purple plaid would both make wonderful circle skirts. I plan to use the waistband from Kwik Sew 3637, but see how I like the volume of a 3/4 skirt.

{self drafted, based on Kwik Sew 3637}

I thought this gold and cream boucle would make an excellent funky, layered skirt!

{self drafted}

These drawings with super-close-up pictures of the fabric totally crack me up! I already have a jacket made from the same boucle, so I’ll have a nice matched set!


{handmade, not blogged!}

Finally, I’d like a more casual jacket for layering. I wear my denim jacket a LOT in the fall, so something of similar weight would be great! I keep looking at this pattern (Butterick 5187) and I really love view D. I know the pattern is SUPER BIG and I’ll want to take some width out, but I thought that the textured white suiting would be perfect for this pattern.


{Butterick 5187}

I also have a piece already made up in this fabric! One of my Burda jenny bastardizations…


{original post}

So there you have it boars! The beginnings of a plan! I’d LOVE to have all of these pieces, so I’m feeling like I made good choices! Have a great day you wild pigs with perms!

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  • pat
    August 20, 2011

    Oh I long to sew something I can wear and just looking at all the wonderful things you have made for yourself spurs me to go at it once again !!! Thanks we’ll see !!!!!

  • Katie
    August 18, 2011

    Here is a photo of a wild board… just so you know…

    We have a lot of them here in Texas. So many that we see them as roadkill almost daily in the spring and fall.

    I love your blog, and your sewing always inspires me.
    Katie recently posted..Just (Don’t) Do ItMy Profile

  • Tanit-Isis
    August 18, 2011

    (Belated)congratulations on your return to full-time employment! (You can see how well I’m doing with my blog reading… I’ve been home a week and haven’t managed to get the unread total on Google Reader below 600)

    I am not yet prepared to contemplate fall sewing (despite the fact that summer here seems pretty firmly past its big hurrah). I’ll get back to you once I wrap my head around fall sewing again. Although those yummy textured jacket fabrics are sure looking tempting… Also, I think the super-closeups-on-sketches totally looks like doll clothes. Adorable. :)
    Tanit-Isis recently posted..Oof-DaMy Profile

    • Patty The Snug Bug
      August 19, 2011

      ha ha – I was just reading blog posts from the 4th of July, so that tells you how far behind I am!!

      It’s turned the corner here, too. Even though it’s still hot out during the day it feels fall-like somehow. Wishful thinking, perhaps?
      Patty The Snug Bug recently posted..{8.18 | First Day}My Profile

  • Sara Upshaw
    August 18, 2011

    Yesssss! I can’t wait to see the self-drafted skirt. I just went over to that Etsy shop not 5 minutes ago and favorited some of her stuff to draw inspiration from later. I personally liked the one with the two tabs and big buttons. I’m so glad to find your blog. I came here through Coletterie and recognized you from Me Made June (my first participation was this year). I love your style and am headed to my blog to add you to my sewing links. :D

    • Patty The Snug Bug
      August 19, 2011

      I think her site is super fun! Welcome to the blog – I’ve not done too well in my last few me-made months, which is pretty amazing, seeing as though most of my clothes are handmade!!
      Patty The Snug Bug recently posted..{8.18 | First Day}My Profile

  • Laurwyn
    August 18, 2011

    I really love your palette! My autumn one (the one I think about but I doubt I will have the time to do) is also mostardy yellow, and cherry. I also want a few basic pieces, like a black simple dress etc.
    I cannot wait to see your houndstooth skirt!

  • Crystal
    August 18, 2011

    I love the way you showed us your plan – it is very fun to watch the process. I think the layered, ruffled skirt would look amazing as a sort of a suit set with that jacket. If I get around to making a version, I was thinking along the same lines – some sort of suiting or boucle to contrast with some frothy ruffles peaking out.

  • Nicole
    August 18, 2011

    Gosh you have a lot of great fabric. Where is that grey/white polka cotton from?? I’ve been hunting for something similar to make a Macaron

  • Karen
    August 18, 2011

    First, congrats on the new job. Like the fabric choices you picked. Looks like you’ll have a great work wardrobe. I made Butterick 5187 in an embroidered linen w/short sleeves and though it’s wider I didn’t think it was HUGE. I do like the pattern. My problem with it, is that the length comes to my waist and I have a large waist so it’s not becoming. When I look in the mirror, all I see is the bottom of the jacket pointing to a big stomach/waist. I’d like to make it again but I’ll definitely lengthen the body.

  • LaUra
    August 18, 2011

    I think Butterick 5187 has serious potential for a good jean jacket substitute, and that creamy white is sure to be a workhorse in your wardrobe! I also like the idea of the canary boucle becoming the steampunk skirt you long for. I love how it’s like a spat skirt..As for that deco vibe flippy, the behind on that little number seems seriously sexy! Does that seam create a little sling to hug your butt? Yowza!
    LaUra recently posted..Yikes!My Profile

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