Sewing athletic gear

Good morning borzois, you athletes of the Russian plains. Are there plains in Russia? One would assume so. Interesting fact I either heard or made up: The rain in Spain does not mainly fall on the plains.

Let’s move on. This was a big weekend for the Snugbugs. One of us turned 40 and that same one ran a marathon the day after he/she turned 40. The upshot of a weekend of running marathons and turning 40 was that I ate pancakes two days in a row, pancakes being one of the favorite meals of me dear, sweet better half. He got a birthday breakfast, complete with raspberries in sugar from our garden; and then last night when I asked what he’d like for dinner, it was pancakes again. Sigh. I always feel like I’m cheating and eating dessert for a meal when we have pancakes. Right before I slide into a diabetic coma.

Even thought it was all about birthdays and marathoning, I managed to get a bit of ‘sewing’ in. Even though I’m not a dress-up my dog sort of person, I like to make Lucy wear ridiculous outfits for marathon days. It’s fun for Mr. Bug to see her cheering him on, and it’s fun for the kids, because what child can resist a basset hound in a dress, I ask you? This year was no exception. Mr. Bug’s birthday present was running clothes, some of them with a ‘team logo’ designed by me. Lucy and I got matching shirts and we all wore them to the race. Yes. We were those people.

In addition, I bought a hot pink petticoat in the kids section of Target – I think a size 12 months. It was WAY too long for Lucy, but I trimmed off the bottom, super fluffy part and then sewed that to an elastic band that fit her waist. Before I started cutting the petticoat apart, I stitched it together right below where I was planning on cutting so that the layers wouldn’t move around. It worked great and gave me some ideas on altering petticoats for myself! I have a light pink one in my closet that I don’t think will quite fit correctly. Lucy and I can be twins! Here’s the proud marathoner and his faithful hound.

For those interested, Dan ran 2:45:36 (I might have the seconds wrong) and placed 92nd out of over 8,000 runners. Whew! He also placed 10th in his age group. I don’t know if I’m more proud of his running or Lucy’s awesome style!

For Lucy’s t-shirt I just got a kids size small and gathered up the loose part on her back with a rubber band. She appeared to be quite comfortable. Perhaps I have a future in hound-fashion design?

You can see the ‘family logo’ on Dan’s t-shirt here. Turns out that iron on paper works pretty well on athletic-gear AND cotton. It’s a bit wrinkly after washing, but good enough for fun stuff like this!

Here, they are guarding the bags while I braved the line for the restrooms. Lucy is lizard-like in her worship of the sun…

Back home, the two of them took a little nap, then had a snack.

At least, Dan had a snack. Lucy watched.

Snack-making from the hound-viewpoint…


I actually got some real sewing done as well! I have a new sweater and skirt to show off, and Dan and I bought 20 yards of orange and black quilting cotton for an excellent project… more on that soon!



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