Call for help… need some test eyeballs for new blog!

Hey there platypus-friends! Blogger, once again, is having some issues and I can’t post pictures, so today’s post will have to wait a bit. In the MEANTIME… I’m almost done with my new blog. Same posts, different layout. I have a few friends willing to take a look to ensure that it’s readable and easy to understand but I’d like a few more! If you’d enjoy a sneak peek and the chance to shamelessly abuse me over my fruity layout ideas, drop me an email at I’ll have the site ready to look at sometime today or tomorrow and would like to work on the migration this weekend so you’d need a bit of time free before then!
(PS… and YES Amanda, I have the RSS button set up!   In the meantime here’s the link! )

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  • Laura
    July 6, 2011

    Yay! The new site is now showing up in Reader! It looks great. :)

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