{8.18 | First Day}

Here’re my first-day-of-work duds! I also thought I’d try out some outdoor locations. Hello driveway. Hello any neighbors witnessing the photoshoot! Hello world!

shirt: handmade, blogged here
skirt: handmade, blogged here
card: Nordstrom Rack
necklace: handmade, not blogged
bracelet: vintage, Mighty Swell
shoes: Born

And, in the interest of full disclosure… there’s what I looked at while AT work. It was all training today, which involved looking over someone’s shoulder at the computer. Guess who forgot her ‘inside’ prescription glasses when she left the house this morning? I couldn’t see the screen without my (prescription) sunnies. I felt like my grandma all day. I’m not sure why I equate inside-sunnies with gramma, but that’s where my mind went!

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