Goodby October. I’m checking out early!

Morning rugrats! Whew! I finished all eight aprons right on time for my big fairy-tale apron event on Saturday. Literally. On time. In fact, there just MIGHT have been an early wakeup call (3:30 a.m.) and a four hour car ride through the dark north woods that involved me...
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Weekend report. From my new iPhone.

Morning monkeys! Mr. Bug and I headed out for another marathon weekend and I totally geeked out and faithfully recorded our doings with my new shiny white iPhone. THEN I edited the photos using Photoshop Express for iPhone and Instagram. Now I'm posting using the Wordpress app. It'll be a...
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Finally Finished! Miette cardigan

Good morning puffer fish. Or, as the more pretentious amongst you might insist, tetraodontidae. I admire how you make yourselves look like spiney basketballs. Also, your ability to kill people with your toxicity. And to move your eyeballs independently of each other. Today I actually have a KNITTING project to unveil!...
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Weekend Report

Morning meerkats! I enjoy your natural curiosity. And your willingness to attack the youngsters if they are annoying you. Pressed for time, and yet missing all ya'll, I thought we'd play a game of lameball, wherein I rushed around the house snapping photos of my haphazard weekend projects. At 11 o'clock at...
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{10.5 & 10.6 | winding down }

As anyone near Minneapolis knows, we're having freakishly nice weather 'round here. I'm thrilled to have a few more days to wear dresses with no tights! Yay!


I can't remember who I saw doing the cardigan wrap, but I like the...
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{10.3 | hot autumn days}

This crazy fall weather is killing me! How does one dress for fall AND dress for 80-degree weather? It's a mystery.

tank: Avenue? Last year? sweater: New York and co. skirt: handmade, not blogged. yet. necklace: vintage... bracelets: Avenue, last year-ish shoes: len druskin outlet store

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Sewing athletic gear

Good morning borzois, you athletes of the Russian plains. Are there plains in Russia? One would assume so. Interesting fact I either heard or made up: The rain in Spain does not mainly fall on the plains. Let's move on. This was a big weekend for the Snugbugs. One of us...
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