A post of penance and last minute boy toys…

Hello all! I’m still alive and crazily discombobulated. Props, as they say, to all y’all who faithfully blog, even with your full time jobs! I’m having a hard time keeping it together blogging with my 20 hours a week job! And my job is sewing related! You’d think it’d be a snap! I’ve progressed through my second Parfait muslin and have come to the conclusion that the curve of the midriff has to be redrafted to fit the way I’d like. I’ll be back with that later. Tonight, I’m playing Santa.

Let’s talk Christmas. My shopping is mostly done. Mother-of-the-bug already has her presents in hand and has transported them across county lines. Stockings are stuffed, Mr. Bug has constructed a top-secret satellite Santa workshop in the basement and I’ve put up some police tape to keep him out of my closet. But there are a few last minute things I’m trying to get done that led me to a bit of internet usage using the phrases ‘handmade for boys’ and every iteration thereof. As penance for my recent radio silence I’ll share some of my favorite finds from the day… I tried to stick with projects that are quick, easy and require supplies that can be obtained in your garage, sewing room or big box store. Details after the jump.



[top row, left to right]

1. Ooooo… the magic wallet. Yes, yes… there’s cool leather ones at J.Crew too, but why buy new when duct tape will do? This tutorial shows how to make one from duct tape, and could be easily converted to a fabric-style with some fancy zig-zagging, some industrial strength interfacing and a bit of corduroy fabric.

2. OK, if the magic wallet is a bit too magical for your guy (nephew, uncle, co-worker, mailman…) then a plain old duct tape wallet will do. There are a ton of tutorials out there, not all of them with photos. Here’s one that looks good to me!*

*no photo to match this tutorial! This pictures was just stock from the interwebs…

3. I will concede that miniatures are not necessarily the first thing I think of for my man, but who can resist a mini red toolbox? Perhaps not the most handy thing for the storing of tools, but maybe your guy is a suit-wearer and needs a place to stash his collar stays? Or just needs an upgrade on his mint storage system? Here’s the tutorial to make from an Altoid tin.

[middle row, left to right]

4. Who can resist a bowtie, I ask you? This is a picture of the David pattern on Burdastyle (posted by baobab). Or check out this pattern and article on the LA Times. From what I understand, the little slidey clips are available at Joanns. I’m tempted to make one out of skull fabric. For myself. And one for Lucy.

5. Again, this particular coffee cozy is a little girly for some guys, but pick some boyish fabric or wool felt and something funky to use as a clasp (an old skeleton key? a miniature GI Joe guy? An old coin? leather strap and belt buckle?) and it could be a good present for a coffee swilling man. Here’s the tutorial.

6. This thumb wrestling ring totally cracks me up and seems easy to do with yarn or hair elastics, dowels, felt and hot glue. Or perhaps there’s an easier way. I just cracked up when I saw it! No tutorial, sorry.

[bottom row, left to right]

7. Yes, Martha, we love you too… I love jar-related gifts. At least, I love the idea of them. Layers of powdery ingredients that will make up a theoretical batch of cookies or brownies. How clever. These little jar sewing kits are adorable, but perhaps a more practical version is in line for the mancub so he’ll stop wandering around sans-buttons? Simple thread and needles, some buttons, fusible hem tape, safety pins… and a little instruction sheet on how to do basic fixes could be a nice addition for the bachelor types. Of course, if your man lives with you, he probably already knows how to sew on a button (just ask you!) or maybe he handles the button sewing? Mr. Bug came equipped with one of those singer button attacher thingies….

8. Ah, the old coffee can wearing a stocking cap… a winner every time. This coffee can survival kit totally rocks (and fits the jar-theme, right?) Probably more handy for us cold-weather types but that’s, like, half the world, so it works right? Am I right? Amaright?

9. And jerky. The perfect gift for most boys. I found this wonderfully unappetizing photo and oven-based recipe to fit my low maintenance (i.e. no dehydrator required)  criteria. Happy meat toasting!

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  • tanitisis
    December 23, 2010

    Mmmm now I'm going to be jonesing for homemade jerky… My uncle used to make the best!

    I love those sewing kits, too, and the coffee sleeve.

    Excited to see the Parfait progress!

  • [patty the snug bug]
    December 23, 2010

    Ah! Kindle COVERS!! Coupons for HUGS!!! That's the gift giving going on here, girlfriend!! Also, I would like to point out the the thumb wrestling ring is not a DIY item. See? I'm all about commercialism!!!

  • K.Line
    December 23, 2010

    I was starting to worry about you! These are some whacky homemade choices. Whatever happened to books and gift cards?? :-)

    Merry Xmas, Patty. Hope you all have a wonderful time.

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