The bugs have a hot date night at a No Coast Craft-o-rama…

Mr. Bug and I braved the wild winds and whipping snow to venture out to the No Coast Craft-o-Rama tonight – a fun, packed to the brim craft event with lots of good food, artists, homemade things and a preponderance of ridiculously cute stuffed monsters. I wasn’t scared, though. Mr. Bug was with me to protect me from any mishaps with rabid fleece-filled whatchamajigs.

I came home with a pile of business cards. Here are six of my favorite vendors from the night. It was hard to choose just six. ALL of the vendors were awesome and it was clear that in addition to stuffed cute-monsters, upcycling sweaters and ties is the new (?) hot thing. Each photo should link to the proper site – and in case it doesn’t, I included a short rundown after the jump.

cosmoscollarsoldtomfoolerythreaded basil


The goods – row 1, left to right, then row 2, left to right…

  1. Super cute dog collars from Cosmo’s Collars! Shhhhh,.. Lucy needs a new collar!
  2. Very funny cards (and a mustache field guide) from Old Tom Foolery
  3. Previously-mentioned cute-monsters and other soft things from threaded basil.
  4. Most awesome prints by Amy Rice.
  5. Adorable felt flowers with vintage buttons (and wonderful wool/rayon felt by the sheet – I bought a bundle!) From Kelly Hanson Handmade.
  6. Very yummy hand-dyed, hand spun wool from My Friend London. It’s sock weight…mmmmm…

The show was held in a newish development – an old Sears distribution center, converted into condos, fancy apartments and a first floor set up as an international-type market with lots of shops, cafes and the like – think farmers market, but inside and permanent. We stopped by the tamale stand where I got a sensible taco platter. Mr. Bug pulled a nutty and got french toast. Here he is enjoying his breakfast for dinner and texting with his brother.

Here’s a few more photos. I tried to snap pictures without freaking out any of the vendors that I was conducting corporate espionage…

After a few hours of waffle gobbling, business card gathering, obsessive petting of the merchandise (that was me, mr.  bug has more manners), poking of skeins of yarn, felt-buying and ooing over all the cute things, Mr. Bug and I headed home in the trusty Subaru. Here we are, safe and warm at home. Well, Lucy and I are safe and warm. Mr. Bug is out in the cold snow, shoveling. Thanks baby!

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  • Threaded Basil
    December 5, 2010

    Thanks so much for the shout out! And thanks for stopping by.

  • LAP
    December 5, 2010

    Well, as much I adored everything at Threaded Basil, EEP picked a two-faced dollie from Beeper Bebe instead.

  • splash0306
    December 4, 2010

    Ehh… *snow* not show

  • splash0306
    December 4, 2010

    Please keep the show away from me in New Jersey.

  • LAP
    December 4, 2010

    I better go tomorrow and buy one of those monsters or dollies from Threaded Basil for Elizabeth's stocking! She will squee herself silly.

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