Lady Grey. Muslin 2. Tissue fitting 1. Well, 1.5.

I am probably going to need to devise some sort of Dewey decimal-system type of organization for posts regarding the Lady Grey!! Here's a mid-muslin #2 pattern alteration update.
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How to butcher a pattern, or why it’s important to start out with the correct bust size. Lady Grey, take one.

In the interest of public safety, I'm making myself post these awful photos of my latest butchery. The Lady Grey coat.
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Weekend edition – A house and garden post – how to keep your basset hound from sitting on the kitchen table by building a window seat from Ikea Billy shelves

Once again, I am interupting the normal self-stitching and lady grey-ing to bring you a house and garden post. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled subject-matter come Monday...

Our basset hound, Lucy, yearns to live somewhere where she gets to eat bacon for every meal, instead of with...
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Day 17. Necessity breeds contempt.

OK, not really. But this morning, staring at my closet, wishing I had more clothes, different clothes, clothes that fit... I was struck by a sudden notion to force one of my sewing flops (sort of flop) into a wearable item. The crazy orange brocade too-long-shirt-too-short-dress-too-big-all-around...
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